Heritage is History with a Future

For over 100 years, Baker Thermal has offered an unmatched breadth of industrial bakery equipment with system solutions executed worldwide. We have a full range of aftermarket services from parts and inspections to on-site rebuilds for equipment.

Baker Thermal Solutions is the only OEM with access to legacy dockets that contain original designs and documentation for brands such as Baker Perkins, Lanham, Readco, Petersen, APV Baker and Turkington USA.

Becoming a part of the Middleby Bakery Group in 2012 has strengthened our qualification to design and supply complete systems for the production of many types of baked products. Working with our sister companies and allied equipment partners Baker Thermal Solutions is capable of supplying complete turnkey projects.


Baker Thermal Solutions Acquires BannerDay Inventory

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of BannerDay's rectification ignitors and SmartBake® oven zone controls support inventory and engineering collateral. This addition will enable the customer service / support efforts for legacy BannerDay SmartBake® and Total Oven Control Solutions to Baker Thermal Solutions. Read More


Jacob Perkins develops steam-engines to later use in steam oven for bread.


Joseph Baker invents a flour sifter with a scoop


Perkins Engineers Ltd merges with Joseph Baker & Sons Ltd to supply equipment to the army in WWI


Middleby Corporation acquires Turkington USA and renames the company Baker Thermal Solutions
960 Tunnel Oven

For the utmost in reliability and bake quality, the oven to consider is the range of 960 Tunnel Ovens. Available baking chambers to 13´-4″ wide and from 45’ to 205´-0″ in length Read More…

Templex Rack Proofer

This automatic proofer for bread, rolls and sweet goods with 7-10 shelves per rack, 32˝-38˝ deep shelves, carries panned product in racks up to 13’4” wide. Read More

970 Tray Oven

For durability, the 970 oven is unsurpassed. Its massive conveyor chain is built to outlast any other system. Read More