Race Track Style Pan Coolers

The Stewart Systems Pan Cooling Loop is a continuous, conveyorized open air cooler which utilizes a magnetic grid to securely hold the pans during the retention period, eliminating transfers, allows more airflow around the pan, and minimizing the possibility of pan jams prevalent in typical pan conveyors. Flow through the Pan Cooler is continuous with no grouping, intermittent starts and stops, nor cycling motion.

The Pan Cooler includes- meter belt feed conveyor, load on and off conveyors, and a fixed speed patented conveyor grid with magnets. It is mechanically similar to our proofer transportation system.

1200 Product Cooler

The 1200-N-Less Product Cooler is an ambient cooling system for bread, buns and other baked products. The wide grid design allows bread products to be loaded in dual lanes effectively reducing the total amount of chain travel that would be required by other single file race track style coolers. The wide system design provides the ability to load bun and other products up to 38” wide and bread five or six loaves across. The floor supported model compares favorably with spiral type coolers. The cooler can be designed with various configurations from double oval, single oval and figure “8” with overall travel from 600 to 5,000 feet.

2600 Product Cooler

The 2600 cools bread and buns in ambient conditions, using the space above the production equipment to economize building costs. The 2600 Cooler can be configured to fit most applications, with single column, double and multiple layouts including “L” shapes where necessary to fit buildings. The 2600 offers the maximum flexibility and design. The N-less configuration minimizes the need for product transfers. The 2600 Cooler has a single drive system and can be floor or ceiling supported.