Baker Thermal Solutions makes a wide variety of pan and lid handling and storage equipment. We can provide a custom solution for the products you make. We can provide complete pan handling systems from depanning to make-up. Our pan and lid stackers and un-stackers will interface with your preferred pan or lid storage vendor.

Pan and Lid Stacking and Unstacking

If you have a need for a more efficient, gentler way to handle your pans or lids; specify the Stewart Systems Stacker and Unstacker. We designed them specifically for the job.

We know you will appreciate the greater overall safety and profitability realized with improved and automated pan handling, since pans are one of your most valuable assets. Return on investment is quickly realized, as our precision handling results in reduced costs for straightening, repairing and re-glazing of pans. In addition, you will see a decrease in liability over handling pans manually.

Lid Stacker / Un-Stacker

The Electric Lid Stacker or Un-Stacker offers gentle automatic stacking or un-stacking for pullman lids. The machine has padded pan stops, magnets, and lift flights to minimize noise. The lids enter and discharge using a magnetic belt conveyor and are placed or removed from the pan un-stacker with a controlled magnetic lift or lowering system. The stacks are indexed up or down on a padded flight conveyor. The lid stacker has an additional discharge conveyor lift to ensure continuous lid stacking. The lids feed or discharge on conveyors which control pan flow in and out of the machines.

Auto Relidder

The automatic re-lidder accepts a continuous flow of  lids from the lid conveying system and places each individual lid onto a single sandwich bread pan.  The relidder can run continuously or intermittently  by placing the lids on a group of pans that have been staged for automatic group load to a tray or tunnel oven or a continuous flow of pans feeding a conveyor style oven.

Pan & Lid Conveyors

Baker Thermal Solutions manufactures a variety of conveyor styles to fit you specific needs for conveying bread pans, bun pans and other pan styles.


  • Horizontal switches
  • Vertical switches
  • Custom conveying solutions