A Long History, Many Names,
the Same Good Results

At Baker Thermal Solutions, we understand that  maintenance and care of valuable assets is an important tool in sustaining competition and extending the life of your equipment.

We have a full range of aftermarket services from parts and inspections to on-site rebuilds for equipment with over 100 years of heritage, and 140 year of service experience.

We have thousands of parts in stock and offer support for:

  • Turkington: Ovens, Proofers, Coolers, Make-up Equipment, Moulders, Stackers/Unstackers
  • APV Baker: Ovens, Proofers, Coolers, Make-up Equipment, Moulders, Stackers/Unstackers
  • Baker Perkins: Ovens, Proofers, Coolers, Make-up Equipment, Stackers/Unstackers
  • Lanham: Ovens, Proofers, Coolers
  • Readco: Ovens
  • Petersen: Ovens
  • Stickelber: Moulders

Spare Parts Contacts:

Kim Edwards
+1 919-674-3771

Donnie Barnes
+1 919-674-3772

Technical Bulletins

Technical bulletins are provided to keep customers with up to date information on our products and services. Details on service, parts replacement, and any other aspect related to the care and maintenance of your equipment can be found here.