Baker Thermal Solutions offers a variety of product handling systems from depanners and conveyors to feed products to your cooler and  conveyors to feed product to your slicers and baggers.

We make Vacuum Depanners for bread, buns and combination baked goods. Our Product Conveying Systems are made for cooler feeds and slicer feeds.

Product Handling

Baker Thermal Solutions depanners are specifically designed to remove bread, buns and other products that have seeds or toppings from pans traveling through the baking process. Various sizes and configurations to create the setup that’s right for your operation. Depanner configurations for bread, buns or a combination with manual or automated adjustments.

Product Conveyors

Baker Thermal Solutions manufactures a variety of conveyor styles to fit your specific needs for conveying bread, buns and other products. These conveyor styles include horizontal switches, vertical switches and custom conveying solutions.