Baker Thermal Solutions makes a wide variety of proofer styles. We can provide a custom  solution for the products you bake. Apart from the proofers listed below we also make Traveling Tray Proofers.

Conveyor Proofer

The Lanham Proof and Bake design is the basis for modern hi-tech Baker Thermal Systems conveyorized proofers. Conveyorized Proofer styles include:

  • Figure “8”
  • Single Oval
  • Double Oval

Offering a wide variety of proofers ensure system layout flexibility. All products travel along the same proofing path. Continuous smooth metered loading and unloading at convenient elevations.

Templex Rack Proofer

This automatic proofer for bread, rolls and sweet goods with 5, 7 or 10 shelves per rack, 26″, 32˝ or 38˝ deep shelves, carries panned product in racks up to 13’4” wide, traveling in a captive circuit. The high-loading rack density and tightly controlled transport circuit make it the most space-efficient, floor-standing proofer available.