Baker Thermal Solutions is uniquely qualified to design and supply complete systems for the production of many types of baked products. Working with our allied equipment partners Baker Thermal Solutions is capable of supplying complete turnkey projects. The process starts with our Sales and Design Team as we gather all of the pertinent information and production requirements including:

  • Product rates, names and descriptions
  • Pan sizes for all products
  • Scaling weights
  • Proofing times
  • Baking times
  • Cooling times
  • Package requirements

This data is thoroughly analyzed by our team and the most appropriate equipment selections are determined according to the established design criterion and physical constraints. A system drawing is prepared and in some cases alternative layouts are considered.

With Customer input the final design is chosen, and the project proceeds to the engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing phases. Schedules are established for engineering, manufacturing, and shipping. Working with the customer an install and commissioning schedule is established to minimize plant disruption.