Burner Upgrades

Baker Thermal Solutions has been manufacturing their own burners since before you were born. We offer the original Tri-ZoneTM Ribbon Burner that provides three zones of lateral heat adjustability, while optimizing BTU capacity. High Capacity burners are also offerred featuring up to 20% greater heat output. Baker Thermal Solutions burners, specifically manufactured for the baking industry, are available in varying lengths and offer thermal capacities from 200-1000 BTUs per inch of flame strip. These burners are specifically engineered for tray and tunnel ovens.

Additionally, we offer 2” inch diameter burners for Lanham conveyorized ovens in both straight and chevron configurations. With a broad assortment of accessory hardware, such as mixing valves, gas solenoids, ignitors and direct spark ignition controllers, Baker Thermal Solutions expertise can keep your operation running reliably and efficiently.

• Replaces Existing Burners
• Natural Gas or Propane
• Single Lateral Heat Adjustment Location
• External Ignitor Adjustability

Mechanical Upgrades

Automatic Oiler for Conveyorized Chains

The Automatic Oiler for Conveyorized Chains is an intelligent control system designed to reliably and accurately apply lubrication to conveyorized chains. Pre-built oiler and injector assemblies offer the customer ease of one-day installation. A factory installed Set-Up Wizard provides a step-by-step calibration routine for self-tuning, oil-application accuracy. A fully comprehensive user manual details every aspect of self-installation, operation and maintenance.


  • Economy of self-supported design
  • Auto-scheduled lubrication
  • Precise lube targeting
  • Fault condition watchdog
  • Single-day installation

Tray Oven Rear Inspection Windows

The kit is comprised of two sets of oversized, tempered inspection glass and prewired light fixtures. Both window assemblies are specifically designed for easy installation into the rear of existing tray ovens. Both windows can be fully
installed within five hours.

Ready and Immediate Inspection of:

  • Product Quality
  • Pan and lid positions
  • Tilted or misaligned trays
  • Main carrier chains and tensions
  • Main carrier chain sprockets
  • Z-bars, trunnions, and take-up shoe

Controls Upgrades

  • Total Control Panel & System Upgrades
  • Legacy Controls Migration Management Services
  • Oven Burner Control System Upgrades
  • Modern Oven Process Control (OPC)
  • Modern Safeload Monitoring
  • Variable Frequency Drive Conversions for Ovens & Proofers
  • Auto-Mode Driven Temperature & Humidity Controls for Proofers